About us



The contact person for the apartments is Ms. Clio, who is a passionate trainer for artistic gymnastics on a part-time basis.


Her husband Christian works as a technician in the construction sector, organizes the events at the Gapphof and leads the work in the apple yards. Our daughter Lara was born in May 2016. Our friendly dog Silver, a Weimaraner dog, has been part of the family since June 2012. He is happy about every visit, no matter if two- or four-legged friends, he is just great. He just does not want to make friends with our farm cat Micky, who combs the entire grounds of our farm all day long.


Our team is supported by Veronika, who takes over the administrative work.


The parents of Clio (Laura and Pietro) live next door. Laura produces all her own products and is an excellent cook. Papà Pietro is the master of the vegetable garden. He is also responsible for the wine cellar. The stock of wines, which is in the basement, is always refilled by him.


Karin, which originally ran the apartments, lives in the same house of apartments and runs the bistro Waldner near the train station Lagundo.



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